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13 February 2012 @ 01:07 pm
speaking of crowdfunding…  

I’m up for a crowdfunding award this year, for “No Dominion”. My lovely patrons said it was okay for me to post one of the short stories I’ve written as proof of fiction committed for “No Dominion”, so “Forgotten But By A Few is” available here, and the first couple chapters of URBAN SHAMAN, from Gary’s point of view, are here.

The voting page is located here. I’ve been nominated a few years running now, and, well, I’d really kinda like to win, actually, so if the spirit moves you, you can probably figure out where to click. :)

I also nominated my friend Bryant () for a Patron award, because literally none of this would have happened without him. Bryant is the one who suggested I try crowdfunding a few years ago, and directed me first at Fundable.com, and ultimately at Kickstarter. He’s the guy who put “No Dominion” over $20K. He’s been an unflagging supporter, an endless enthusiast, and utterly determined that I should somehow build on what I’ve done through crowdfunding in terms of wider publicity (which I have totally failed at because I just don’t know how). He’s been amazing. I would like it if he won too.

My friend Ellen Million () is also up for awards, actually in more than one category, but I’ll link to her Sketchfest nomination, because it’s possibly the craziest and coolest (IMO) of her projects: for 24 hours, once a month, people all over the world get together to recieve art idea “prompts”, and then go forth and make art. I think it’s awesome. Perhaps you will too, and will go vote for her. :)

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Bryantbryant on February 13th, 2012 05:15 pm (UTC)
Your publicity nag says "don't forget to do a Kickstarter update pointing people at the voting posts." You can log in with your Facebook ID as well, so LJ membership is not a blocker.

Also, thank you!