kit (mizkit) wrote,

Sorry for the sudden influx of posts. I just realized I’ve managed to pack up 0, count ‘em, 0, boxes of anything today, and I have roughly a million things to pack and send, so I’m closing out with a to-do list for tomorrow.

I mean, you know, one that includes the stuff *besides* writing 1800 words to get going on my February Nano challenge, which I remind the several of you who stepped up starts TOMORROW aghglghglhg

- pack at least 6 books
- send at least 1 box (& ideally 6 books)
- pack up comics*
- email juliet & iwc guy
- email faith
- post those pages for pcon site
- remember, painfully, that i want to do a site redesign on weep into my beer. *sigh*
- go to bed early, which i am at this very moment failing to do tonight
- laundry
- post about soula’s book

Thinks to do soon:
- post about pre-orders & stuff
- post about Things I’d Kill To Accomplish skill-wise with writing

*someday i will cross this one off my list. then the world will probably end.

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Tags: nanowrimo, nanowrimo is for weenies, thinks to do

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