kit (mizkit) wrote,

aheh. :)

Funny that the “Is LJ dead?” post got lots of traffic. :)

LJ and (which are pretty much interchangeable) are really still the heart of online communication for me. I use Twitter more than I like, but a great deal of it is announcing word wars and the like. Facebook has two aspects for me, one of which is the personal side, where I do almost nothing but share links and photos from other people. The other side is work, where I try to make an actual effort to be, y’know, like, interactive. I almost never remember to use G+ and when I do it’s simply reiterating something I’ve posted on FB/Twitter, or the very occasional blog posting. I never, ever read the stream there. gets virtually no interactive traffic, perhaps because I do such a lousy job of posting there regularly, but also possibly because the spam’s been so bad I’ve had to instigate too many measures that shut down potential conversations. And also probably because it needs a redesign to make it more user-friendly, but see “in my copious free time”. Whatever the reason, it’s unfortunate.

I gather that for somebody in my position (ie, a writer), I should probably be hanging out on GoodReads. I don’t even have an account there, apparently. Oi. Another place to promote. :}

In totally other news (she said, in what we call “burying the lead”), I’m thinking of doing a Nano in February. 50K in 29 days. Anybody up for it?

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Tags: livejournal, nanowrimo, shameless self promotion

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