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B&N! Amazon! SubPress! Raven Calls!

Holy beans, today is a bonanza of self-promotion! (Apparently the whole week is, actually, looking at what I’ve already posted…but anyway!)

“Easy Pickings” is now available as a Kindle book AND as a Nook Book! I am VERY EXCITED about this. VERY excited. No, really, I am, because all my crowdfunding aside, this is my first foray into actual self-publishing beyond the scope of the crowdfunded projects, and I’m very, very interested and excited to see how it goes. So if you’ve read and enjoyed “Easy Pickings”, you should post a review there (and I never ever ask people to do that), and if you’ve got a Kindle or Nook, please do buy it through B&N or Amazon so it can get some legs in the “people who bought this also bought” recommendations. <3

Up next: the RAVEN CALLS teaser has been posted! Just 2 more months til it comes out! Yay! Holy beans, book 7. Only TWO LEFT!

And! And! SQUEE! BABA YAGA’S DAUGHTER is available for pre-order! It’ll be out in September, and I’m beside myself with excitement over the whole thing! Go pre-order your copy so SubPress will think I’m worthy of their time and energy!

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