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Crowdfunding: “ORSSP”

This is the landing page for my second major crowdfunding project of 2011, the Old Races Short Story Project. I’m posting it here and now because The Rose & Bay Crowdfunding Award is open for nominations, but it’s also a really good way to do a year-end round-up and look at what I’ve accomplished in non-traditional publishing methods over the past 12 months.

So on to the ORSSP write-up!

Project Proposal: I set out with a goal to to write 6 short stories set in my Old Races universe, to create content for a possible future print publication collection of Old Races stories. I had in mind a financial goal of $3,000 ($500/story), but the especially important aspect to me was obtaining an audience for the stories to make certain I wrote them.

Project Conclusion: Over 180 patrons donated over $4,000 toward the ORSSP, making it not only a success in terms of getting me to write the stories, but also a clear financial success in and of itself.

Proof of Fiction Committed: There are teasers available for five of the six stories. For the sixth, my patrons have generously agreed to let me post the entire story publicly.

“Salt Water Stains the Sand”, a tale of the djinn, is available here.

Teasers for the other stories are available here:
The Death of Him, a story of the selkies
Awakening, a story of the vampires (set after the Negotiator Trilogy)
Falling, a story of the gargoyles
St. George & the Dragons, a story of the dragons
Legacy, a story of the humans

Really, it went so well I’m more than half tempted to do it again this year, except I already have a great deal on my plate in 2012. :)

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