kit (mizkit) wrote,

ElectriCity in motion!

My project this week (and perhaps into next week) is working on the ElectriCity script. I got some feedback from beta readers (you know who you are, & I thank you!) which has already improved the first chapter, and after flailing around for a day and a half on the second chapter I remembered that a detailed synopsis does not a beatsheet* make, so I threw a beatsheet together and the second chapter is going swimmingly now.

It's not swimming as fast as I want, of course. I mean, for example, this morning I spent an entire half hour paring the text/word balloons/etc on a page down to below 225 words, because that's an Alan Moore Law Of Writing Comics: more than 225 words is Too Much. And he's right, even if he breaks his own rule all the time. And then I muttered at Leah about the rule, and she was glad to know somebody else was torturing themselves in the name of clarity. *grins*

Anyway, I'm *hoping* I'll finish chapter two (minus the accordian sections, which will be expanded on depending on how well the Kickstarter campaign does!) tomorrow and be able to do a beatsheet for and get started on chapter three. (End of day: Nevermind, I've got 6-8 pages left and I seem to only get about 3, maybe 4, done in a day. 2 pages an hour for comic scripts, as opposed to 5-7 pages of prose per hourt, which is a lot more words. That's just not fair.)

The point, however, is that ElectriCity is in motion! I've just verified with our artist that he's on board, and once this chapter is done I'm going to start nagging him, so *hopefully* we'll start having lots of exciting updates v. soon now and will launch the Kickstarter in a couple of monthsish. :)


And tomorrow I'm going to try to write a post about gender issues and the economy, though I don't seem to have a lot of spare time for blogging. This entry, which isn't very meaningful, took all day...

*Beatsheet: I got the term from a class in writing for television. It's just that: a couple of pages that hit the "beats" of the show, the big moments that you have to hit. For me it's an invaluable tool in figuring out how to break down comic page layouts.
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