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weekender update

Mom and Dad came down yesterday and did not shriek in horror at the state of the house. Whew. :) We went into Cork and bobbled around a bit, then drove over a bunch of Cobh we hadn't seen, which was pretty cool, and then showed Mom the town of Cobh, which she thought might be even prettier than Wicklow town. We like it here, we do we do. We took pictures and pointed out the five things we knew about Cork City (thanks, madmiss!) and generally had a really nice day yesterday. I made stew for dinner. Yum. And Ted made French toast this morning. Yum, yum!

It was wonderfully beautiful out today, so after Mom and Dad left I walked the dog and Ted mowed the back lawn, and then I set off to find the swimming pool. I did not get anywhere near the swimming pool, but I did take lots of pictures, many of which will be featured at kitsnaps (also syndicated at kitsnaps, I said in a shameless plug) over the next month.

Rather than do anything enormously useful with my evening, I uploaded pictures to kitsnaps, put up family Easter pictures, and helped debela sort through her closet, which she was purging. I thought that was a pretty good trick for somebody on the other side of the Atlantic. :) She is getting rid of approximately 249659870345907 silk shirts, and I thought it would be an excellent project to take her silk shirts and turn them into a frock coat for her. A patchwork frock coat. I have never done such a thing, but I've been wanting 1. an excuse to buy a sewing machine, which I felt I needed at least one specific project to make it a reasonable purchase, and 2. something crafty to do that could be down time from writing, and I think this is a ridiculously fun idea. *beam* I'm really looking forward to it. It'll probably take me forever, but it's not like I've got a timeline on it. :)

Hm. I seem to have lost my net connection. I think I'll figure out how to save this, and go to bed.


It's morning now, but since I haven't posted this I thought I'd just add a bit more on instead of making a whole new posting. I decided that if I was going to get a sewing machine and do some projects, that one of them would be to make myself a trumpet skirt like this one, only in a color flattering to me. I'm thinking rich forest green, maybe in lightweight wool. And maybe I could make me a handkerchief skirt, because I really like them. Hm.

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