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Old Races Short Story Project: Mission Accomplished!

I've just shut down all the links for buying in to the Old Races Short Story Project. If, for some reason, you have waited until the very last minute and *desperately* want to buy in, you can email me (cemurphyauthor at gmail dot com) up until midnight Pacific and we'll arrange something. But it may involve mockery. :)

In the end I had about 180 patrons for the ORSSP, and it made in the region of $4K for six short stories. That's a pretty damned good market value, around $.11 a word, so thank you. Thank you all very, very much.

It was also a huge success in terms of creating content for a possible future Old Races collection, which was my original goal with the project. And as those of you who've subscribed know, it's gone a long way toward setting up the Old Races universe for future books, should I decide to return to it with book-length fiction. So that was an added bonus, and I'm pretty delighted about it. :)

I'm working on getting cover art done for the ORSSP, and when I've got that I'll send out the .mobi and .epub files to all patrons, so it'll be easier for those of you with e-readers to peruse.

After this year's mad rush of crowdfunding, I'll probably only be running/participating in one next year (the ElectriCity graphic novel! Squee!), so y'know, again: thank you. Thank you for supporting me as a writer, both by buying the books I write and by participating in these direct-market projects I've been running. You guys are absolutely, madly awesome, and I'm tremendously grateful to you all. Thank you.

And Happy New Year!
Tags: commissions, crowdfunding, old races, old races short story project, short stories, sustainable funding models

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