kit (mizkit) wrote,

The Year of the Short Story

2011 has been the weirdest writing year ever for me. I only wrote about--*pauses to count*--well, in the region of 300K, it looks like, which is actually pretty much my usual wordcount. Huh. But in years past I've gotten that wordcount primarily from books, and this year while I *have* written two books, I've also written...*pauses to count again* Uh. 21 short stories. And a comic script. And half a novella.

Twenty-one short stories. This from someone who does not consider herself to be a short story writer*. 11 of them were for crowdfunded projects (ie, you had to buy in to get them, and still can, until Saturday evening, for the Old Races Short Story Project!). Two were for anthologies and two for next year's BABA YAGA'S DAUGHTER collection of Old Races stories. The other six were Gryphon Beach stories, which I have faint hopes of selling to a children's publisher at some point, so will not be making available for general consumption.

I am not going to be writing 21 short stories in 2012. o.O

I *do* anticipate doing some more Gryphon Beach Storytelling Hours, probably as a crowdfunded effort instead of just a free-for-all this time. And I have 4 more stories to write for the "No Dominion" Kickstarter campaign, and one short story under contract. So I may do a dozen or so shorts next year, but I believe I'll restrain myself from doing a second ORSSP (though the temptation is MIGHTY), and try hard to just stick with the books I need to write. And the graphic novel script. :)

Yes, yes, I'm saying it here in public, where I will no doubt get mocked mercilessly if I go back on my word (which we all must admit seems very, very likely): a dozen short stories, a graphic novel script, and the contracted-for books/novellas.

Unless something irresistable comes along. :)

*Actually no longer true, and not just because of this year. It became clear to me a year or two ago that in fact I do write short stories. But for the longest time, no, I really didn't see myself as someone who did. (And I thought I should, so I sat down and started practicing. See where that led?!?! :))
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