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Email from Mom saying they were driving down to visit prompted us to run around like headless chickens and CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. The second bedroom is Almost Under Control now. Almost. The house in general looks pretty decent. And it only took an hour. :)

I seem to have defeated the cold. Yay! Oh, and the bread is rising; I think I'd been using too much salt. Duh. Either that or it's gotten over it being Passover... (Ted said, "This is a Catholic country." I said, "Maybe the yeast isn't Catholic!")

What else do I know? Not very much, really. Therefore, it's more interview questions! This time from nwhyte,

1. Do you know David Marusek, author of Counting Heads) at all? (Of course, I naturally assume that everybody who has ever lived in Fairbanks, Alaska, knows everybody else who lived there at the same time.)

People naturally assume that about the entire state. *grin* Sadly, though, I do not know him at all, except for a very vague familiarity with the name.

2. Which is your favourite of your own books (and/or which should I read first)?

My favorite of my own books, RIGHT ANGLES TO FAERYLAND, has not yet been published. Or even bought. :) If it had been, I would recommend it, but I think I'll have to just go with URBAN SHAMAN, which is my first published novel and is about a Seattle cop with no use for the mystical. When she has a near-death experience and is offered a choice between life as a shaman or dying, she chooses life, finds herself neck-deep in a murder mystery and up against a couple of old Celtic gods, and doesn't handle it very well. :)

3. If you could sit down with your 17-year-old self and give her some advice, what would it be?

That's one of those questions I always have a hard time with, 'cause I'm happy with where I am right now, and presumably if I talked to my 17 year old self and *took* my own advice, I'd be somewhere *else* now. Regardless:

I graduated high school at 16 and was in college at 17, my birthday being at the beginning of June. If I could get to me on my 17th birthday, I'd tell me to take a year off between high school and college and go do something like AmeriCorps, both for the experience of it and for the maturity time.

I would also tell me not to be such a screw-off in college, though I think if I took my first advice there'd be less chance of that. I would tell me that it's easy to fail by not trying (which is what I did), but that there was no reason for me to worry about failing, because I was perfectly capable. It took an embarrassingly long time to get over that afraid-to-try-for-fear-of-failure thing (by which I mean I was, I don't know, 23 or so by the time I did), and that I'd probably have had more fun if I hadn't worked myself up over small things.

Also, if I hadn't screwed around, I could've graduated before I turned 21, which would've been cool. :)

4. Like you, I am a big fan of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Would you ever put her in one of your books? (Indeed, have you perhaps already done so?)

I have not yet done so, though I'd love to someday write a book about, or featuring, her. Odds are better that I'll find myself using her as an archetype in a historical fantasy, writing a character based on her rather than trying to write Eleanor herself. dancinghorse (Judith Tarr) pulls off a very good historical fantasy setting in her THE DEVIL'S BARGAIN, which actually uses Eleanor as a character (though an off-screen one, to the best of my recollection), but I tend to find more freedom in renaming people and using events from their lives as starting points for fantasy-based characters.

5. Which five fictional characters would you shag?

1. Methos
2. Methos
3. Meth


1. Methos
2. Gerald Tarrant
3. Vincent (Although if I could just get Ron Perlman to say my full name, frankly, that would do. My God.)
4. Gambit. Or Wolverine. Can't decide. Hell, Gambit and Wolverine. I'm easy.
5. Spike
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