kit (mizkit) wrote,

oh, for...

Accidentally posted this as a locked post last night. *eyeroll* Wretched WP, not crossposting to LJ. Gotta fix that. Anyway!

Just a quick note to say the Magick 4 Terri auction, supporting editor/author/artist Terri Windling, closes this evening at 5pm (Eastern, I think). The "Get your own CE Murphy short story as a Christmas present!" commission is at $450, which is moving into actual "that's what I get paid for a short story" territory. Not that I'm getting paid for it, but it's satisfying for it to get into the right dollar range as a charitable contribution. :)

The middle grade fantasy novel I just wrote has sold out at $100, is resting at $250 for the second (set of all 4 books, sent to you as I write them!), and lies untouched for the third auction, where you can get the first book for $100 or all 4 of 'em for $400 (look, it's for charity, dudes). Even my agent isn't gonna get to read these for a couple years, so strike while the iron is hot!

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