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look! people are buying it!

People are buying "Easy Pickings!" I realize that's kind of the whole idea, but having previously only sold internet stuff long before I wrote it, this is very exciting! I've earned out my half of the cover art costs, which is...well, I mean, really, other than time, that's our only cost. So I'm into the profit zone now. It's not huge amounts of profit, but on the other hand, the thing's been on sale slightly less than 12 hours, and we're not posting it on Amazon/B&N/Smashwords til Friday, probably. (At which point the cost will go up on our sites, too, so grab your copy now if you're looking to save a dollar. :))

I have not finished the damned book. After a very good writing week of, I don't know, what, 12, 14, 15, 15K, I only did about 1500 words yesterday. I did figure out the end of the book, though, so that's something. I just have to get out and do my errands and socializing and get home before Young Indiana falls asleep in his buggy, so I have some time to write this afternoon...

(time passes)

Success in getting Indy home before naptime. Whether there's success in finishing the book remains to be seen. In the meantime, a group of kids are suing the government over their failure to address climate change. Good on 'em, I say, and *once more stares longingly in the direction of my climate change series*

(I did have the rash thought that five or seven years from now, when it might actually be feasible, what I should perhaps do was run a Kickstarter-like-thing to buy myself a year to do the research for & writing of the first of those books. It'd be such a big project, and I would need...time. *sigh*)

We went out to the Temple Bar market today, as we often do on Saturdays. The Market Square is open again. I've now think that the past year of having the crafts and food markets mingled while they were doing the renovations on the's really lacking in energy and delight, having them separate. Like, it's so huge a difference I'm going to write to the cultural trust and encourage them to re-mingle both markets for their own good, and for ours. I was a little afraid it might be lacking now, but I was really surprised at how stark the difference was. It's a terrible shame, and will be an even worse shame if they decide to keep them separate.

On the other hand, I did pick up my utterly magnificent custom made hat from the milliner today, so the market wasn't a total wash. :)

(time passes)

It was a rather pathetic attempt at writing today. Only about 1K words. I'm still within the Novelist's Event Horizon, though I've now reached the inevitable stage where everything is slowly coming together, and the end of the book is inevitable. It's just not getting there very fast. Tomorrow. I'll finish it tomorrow, she said with a sigh.

We had friends from America over for dinner tonight. Ted made red beans & rice. Om nom nom. Nom. :)

LJ crossposting is still not actually working. Must figure something out about that, but not tonight...
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