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Oh, I see.

Ah. My Wordpress is no longer propagating to LJ. That explains why no one admitted to sitting there a moment trying to remember, as I did, if they got that email, when they read Friday's Questionable Content.

It also explains the far more astonishing lack of volunteers to eat the totally inadequate fudge I made yesterday, which is in fact absolutely fine fudge by any rational standards, but I do not hold myself to rational standards when it comes to baking and candy-making. :)

Since I'm doing a tiny catch-up post, then, I may as well mention that the CE Murphy Short Story Commission is resting at a comfortable $125, which is a quite low and reasonable price to beat if you want me to write you a story of your very own. By Christmas. :)

Unrelated to anything, I am once more trying to justify the purchase of the J. Peterman Equestrian Coat. I can't justify it. It's $230. I could possibly justify it if I did not already own 3 awesome coats of varying degrees of length, and if I did not have patterns & fabric for two more, and the desire to have/make two further ones after those two (both of which have the waist-high kick pleat that *really* suckers me in for the Equestrian Coat), but I can't, as it stands, justify it. Look, I admit it: I have a coat problem. But as Ted says, at least I *wear* them! And there are certainly far more alarming addictions than Long Coat Addictions. :)

We're verging on finally releasing "Easy Pickings" into the wild! All we have to do is, um, learn how to upload it to Amazon and other places. Which actually I have zero idea of how to do. It can't be that hard, can it? (...although it may be less intuitive than I think it should be. Um.)

Right. Anyway! We're planning to release it on the 15th, and in the meantime, here's the cover!

Easy Pickings
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