kit (mizkit) wrote,


This morning I said to Mom, a bit rashly, “As long as the baby takes a nap at all, I should finish Nano on time.”

The baby napped for 45 minutes and woke up miserable. Grim, I checked my wordcount before going to get him.


I’m actually pretty pleased. I’ve only ever succeeded with Nano once before, though I at least start to participate most years. Last time I succeeded was also with a middle grade novel. Coincidence? I don’t know. But I’m pleased to have accomplished it (as well as the 5300 word short story & AAs on RAVEN CALLS that also got done this month), and now all I have to do is write another 12-20K on it by next Wednesday.

…yes, well, the job doesn’t end on November 30th, no matter what hopeful writers out there might wish.

Now I’m going to go investigate this pumpkin cheesecake I was forced to make because I had extra pumpkin left over after making the pies…

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