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I thought I was caught up on Nanowrimo, but then it turned out I just had the date wrong. Still, nearly caught up. No idea at *all* if my nephew will like the book, but at least I’m trying. I also have…rather a lot of story to accomplish in the remaining 25-30K. I think I was at the end of chapter 15, the nominal halfway point, at 34K, so theoretically it’s going to come in around 68K. Which is only about 10K more than I was aiming for. I’m sure it won’t be more than 80K. O.O (Actually, it can’t be 80K, because I’ll be screwed time-wise if it runs that long. Therefore, it is Not 80K.)

Our first beta reader finished “Easy Pickings” last night. He liked it. :) V. soon it shall be released into the wild!

I thought the DRYH story was due December 15. It’s due December 1. Agh. Particularly since the galleys for RAVEN CALLS turned up late and are (of course) due Monday. OTOH, If I manage to get everything that’s supposed to be done done by December 1, I’ll be free and clear in December with one short story & 100 pages of comic script to write, and “Wind Beneath My Wings” to practice singing.

thinks to do today, Kit:
- wash the kitchen floor
- clean the upstairs bathroom
- make a maple syrup cake with all that maple syrup Ted accidentally made :)

remaining November thinks to do
- “Don’t Wreck Your Soul”
- hit 50K on the Ilialiad
- get the Dublin calendar sorted (it shipped to me yesterday! yay!)
- finish the “Easy Pickings” draft

December thinks:
- ElectriCity script (because who are we kidding, it’s not getting any work done in November)
- 2nd Walker Papers short story
- practice, as advertised, singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” :)

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