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15 November 2011 @ 10:07 am
back to the daily grind  

thinks to do by nov 15:
- the first Gary short story
- approximately 25K on the Ilialiad (hey, I’m only 10.5K behind o.O)
- chapter 2 of ElectriCity (ahahahaha)
- get the Dublin calendar sorted (that’s here, if you want to buy one real quick before I get the orders in. realistically I’ll get ‘em in Friday, so you have til about midnight Thursday)

I also need to mail stuff to a few people. Probably not today, but I can finish getting the stuff packed up to mail, anyway.

Other than that, it would be a real triumph to clean the kitchen before Ted gets home. And take a shower. And order some plastic Tinker Toys, since I forgot to buy ‘em in America.

Changing topics abruptly, not that I’ve had people call me a sell-out, but this is a quite terrific article: Having a saleable novel does not mean you’re a sell-out.

Not precisely related, and not precisely not related, Harry Connolly has an *utterly* terrific article on failing on your own terms. Seriously, I have major love in my heart for what he’s got to say here. He’s braver than I am, too: at editor request (the same editor, in fact, as Harry’s), I toned down a scene in THE QUEEN’S BASTARD (if you’ve read it, you can probably guess which one) that in the end was still cruel and vicious, but distinctly less so than in the original version. I don’t quite regret doing so, but I’m Very Aware that I did it.

Off to attempt accomplishing one of the above items. ANY one of them, I’m not picky. :)

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cainle_bean on November 15th, 2011 03:04 pm (UTC)
I spent the weekend getting the bedroom set up. Heh we have only been here 6 months without it being done. While cleaning, I found 3 boxes I had neglected to send out to the proper people. So that got added to my list of things to do. *sigh* I have got to get moving on this stuff.

I think my list is getting longer every day, and I keep getting things done, but the list... ehh do what ya can =p

Oh crud clean the kitchen... well umm yeah that will be today too =p