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I think that went well.

The “No Dominion” campaign was successfully funded about four hours ago. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this update out. The baby was so excited by Mama’s antics he couldn’t eat. :)

I love the way I said that: “successfully funded”, all casual-like. What I really mean is OH MY HOLY LIVING BEANS, $20,635?!?!!?!??! *520 backers?!?!* You guys cracked the third novella! And the “Gosh, I guess I’m singing for my supper!” level! Oh my, I say, oh my. O.O *laughs* No, really, that’s going to be fun. I haven’t sung in a long time. :)

Jami Nord guessed a closest-to-accurate final dollar amount at $20,675 and has won one commissioned Walker Papers short story–and a bunch of other loot as well. Congratulations, Jami!

I cannot thank you all enough. This has been the most utterly amazing, humbling, exciting, awesome experience, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. And in a lot of ways it’s only just getting started, so yay! We’ve got lots more awesomeness ahead of us!

Thank you *so much*. I’ll be doing one more general Kickstarter post in the next few days, talking about what I learned from this project, but in the meantime, let me also thank you for your patience while I’ve talked about nothing else, and I promise to get back to your regularly scheduled blog now. :)

My parents, who are awesome, got me celebratory flowers. :)


Oh! I just got Deila Sherman‘s new book, THE FREEDOM MAZE, in my email! Oh, wow, yay, I am *really* looking forward to reading this! Squee!

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