kit (mizkit) wrote,

Victoria’s Secret Superheroes

Apparently this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which I didn’t even really know existed, had a theme of superheroes. Some of the costumes are actually kind of cool, given that, y’know, they’re lingerie and therefore just about exactly as impractical as nearly every female superhero costume out there.

I coulda done without the one buns shot in particular, though from the front that ‘costume’ really kind of rocked. But the best part, as one of the commenters said, is that they mostly look like they’re really having fun, instead of looking pained and grim the way fashion models usually do in fashion shows. Check ‘em out (and another slide show here).

The boys went to bed early. The sensible thing would’ve been for me to go start writing immediately and catch up on some of my Nano words, but, um. Yeah. :)

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