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Nevermind my Kickstarter project (I mean, yes, mind it, it’s less than $350 from the trade paperback!!! but besides that):

Liz Williams is once more doing a crowdfunding campaign SO FREAKING AWESOME that I desperately wish I’d thought of it. Check out Avalon Rising: The Hundred Story Project, which will deliver to its patrons one hundred short stories in 2012 as part of a larger community-building project that she and her partner are working to launch. My mind boggles. Problematically, IndieGoGo is not accepting Paypal right now (they’re working on it, and they *are* accepting credit card payments), so Liz has also set up a Paypal donate button through her Livejournal, and will add any payments that come through there into the IG campaign fund once they’ve got it sorted out.

Or there’s Matt Forbeck, who’s doing a 12 For ’12: a novel a month in 2012. The sheer ambitious insanity of that makes me…want to try it myself, of course, but no, I’ll let Matt do it. :)

And Laura Anne Gilman has just launched a campaign for From Whence You Came, a novella set in her Lands Vin universe. You will perhaps recall me squeeing over that world, where the magic is based in wines. I thought it was a brilliant idea when Laura Anne mentioned it years ago, and I basically held my breath all the way through the wait & reading of the first book because the idea was so good I was afraid nobody could quite live up to it with the writing, but Laura Anne *totally* did, and I was and am thrilled with that. So, um, go support her campaign so I can read the novella. O.O :)

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