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Safe at home. Visiting is always splendid, but coming home is always good. It’s very weird there in America: all the passers-by have American accents. Really did my head in in NYC, where the occasional French-speaker hit my ear as a great relief. :)

Nanowrimo starts tomorrow, she said in a faint panic. Faint, because I’m too tired to panic fully. And panic or not, I have to do the RAVEN CALLS revisions first, so…well, I’m just hoping I won’t start out NNWM *too* far behind.

other thinks to do:
- email jenn
- mail Mysterious Items to Jenn
- email fred & That Other Fella
- email that person i met
- also email the artist i met, for that matter
- open the box from gows & find out how much postage i owe her :)

Those are all short-term things which I should be able to get done by Wednesday evening. If I’m AWESOME I will also get the RC revisions done by then.

Ted came up with another totally fun series idea for me to dash off in my copious free time. I wonder how much more I’d get done if I started drinking coffee….

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