kit (mizkit) wrote,

all praise dropbox.

Oh good. Pleased to announce that I have in fact lost no writing in the Great Hard Drive Crash of 2011. All praise Dropbox.

I have somehow once more ended up with Shitloads of Thinks To Do & Hardly Any Time To Do Them In, though in my defense this time it’s partly because of the hard drive crash basically obliterating my planned writing time during the Alaskan vacation. So that’s not actually my fault, and that’s the story I’m sticking to.

- RAVEN CALLS revisions/copy edits
- my bit on “Easy Pickings” (5-7Kish)
- propose DRTB anthology idea
- TWO Gary short stories! (3-5K each!)
- TWO extra bonus Walker Papers short stories (3-5K each)
- Nanowrimo (which starts Tuesday, omfg)
- “Don’t Wreck Your Soul”
- ElectriCity script
- also, very probably, the first chapter of HEAVEN CAN WAIT

…I’m going to have to give up sleeping, aren’t I.

total fecking bonus material if finished this calendar year:
- revise ANGLES to agently commentary
- 3 retold fairy tales (12Kish)
- maaaaaaaaaaybe some more Old Races stories (30Kish)

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