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11 October 2011 @ 07:58 am
last minute thinks to do  

- pack undies
- put music on phone
- pack changes of clothes into diaper bag

- don’t forget passport
- check in online
- or chance argh still don’t have enough of #4, but what can you do
- pack some more shirts
- and the real camera :)
- business cards! don’t forget the business cards
- …& ask ted where he put my business card holder, after he found it for me :)
- blog post of How To Get Hold Of Kit During NYCC
- create gmail priority inbox for NYCC
- pick up new glasses
- print out hostel information
- print out hotel information
- print out DMLA’s address
- make sure mobile is set for international calls
- put spidey, mary anne, dmla, matrice, laura anne, mony’s #s in phone
- print out a copy of my NYCC schedule for my own damned self
- wash the following items:
» bear
» boy
» mommy
» diaper wraps
» clothes
» diapers
- pack diaper bag
- put books on e-reader
- fall down befoe the awesomeness that is fred saving me from my own last-minute thoughts of grandeure

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