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oh my god. *laughs*

Oh my God. laughs Looks like I’m bringing the Real Camera with me to America. $8K & counting.

Somebody suggested an awesome compromise between my CE Murphy Urban Fantasy themed calendar and good sense–have people who live in the locations take fan pictures (with or without themselves in them!) and for those people whose photos are selected, give them a copy of the calendar. And I could mix it up with some of the photos I *can* reasonably take… :)

Okay, if the campaign hits $9K before I leave Wednesday morning, I’ll definitely do at least the digital version of that idea, and, y’know, if we reach some ridiculous number like $20K over the course of the whole thing maybe I’ll fly out to Boston and Seattle to take pictures myself. But I totally love the idea of doing it as at least a digital thing with reader-supported photography, so off the top of my head, locations you could choose:

Seattle: the Space Needle, Seattle Center (especially if the amusement park is still part of it, the merry-go-round!), Ravenna Park, the Fremont Troll (though he’s copyrighted material, so I’d have to get permission to use his photo), Lake Washington. Oh, Mt. Ranier/National Park/Paradise Lodge… (I think it was Paradise Lodge they stayed at in DEMON HUNTS…really, you guys probably remember this better than I do.)

Boston: the Boston Commons, the, uh, restaurant that Lara & everyone have dinner at early in TRUTHSEEKER, the, er, church (St Anthony’s?) she goes to the Anonymous meeting at…

New York: Trinity Church, the Empire State Building, St John the Divine cathedral, Central Park, Rockefeller Center ice rink…

I bet there loads of other places I’m not thinking of, but those would do for a start. :)

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