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We are in rather desperate need of a new computer chair. This has been true for a while, but a couple weeks ago one of the wheels fell off, and somehow today it’s worse than it has been and I seem to be canting to a significant left angle now. (I mean, I’ve always leaned left, but this is different, you know? :)) We also need a new computer desk, as ours is slowly losing parts. And while I’m making a list of things we need, a new diaper pail and a new trash bin should also go on it.

I spent a little while this morning dorking with the curler things. I did not achieve curls for my efforts. Clearly I’ll be sticking with pincurls for NYCC. I also dyed my hair ‘caramel’, which is mostly brown with the faintest hint, perhaps, of red. I am not sure it’s interesting enough to make a difference to my general boredom with my hair. (Mom said “The purpose of hair is not to entertain,” but we have a fundamental difference of opinion on this matter. :)) I have a few days to decide about a Rogue stripe. Besides loving having one, it does have the enormous advantage of making me easy to pick out of a crowd (less so at a comics convention, perhaps, but “the pin-up girl with the Rogue stripe” is likely to be a party of one).

Did I mention–? No. Faith Hunter and I have reached the 20K mark on “Easy Pickings”, our Jane Yellowrock/Joanne Walker “fan fiction by the authors themselves” crossover novella. (You can read the teaser for it here.) We’re heading into the last big fight and aftermath, so I think maybe another 5-7K left in total, so almost done! And we’re commissioning cover art, and…well, it’ll be out by the end of the year, anyway. We’re hoping November, but I’ve got this big holiday coming up, so I don’t know if it’ll be quite all done yet in November. Maybe by the end of November. Which is not much like the “summer release” we had originally planned, but as we keep saying, we don’t *actually* have a deadline on this (unlike most other projects), so ultimately it’ll be out when it’s out and probably not before. :)

Okay, I couldn’t make it to five, so this will be a Some Things Make A Post instead of Five Things Make A Post. :)

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