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kickstarter tick!

The Kickstarter campaign just ticked over $7300. I’m holding my breath to see if by some mad chance it reaches $8K by 1 week in, although that doesn’t seem enormously likely. However, if it does, I’ll do something else fun–maybe run a Q&A where people* submit questions to be answered in-character by the character of their choice. (No spoiler answers will be given, but up through SPIRIT DANCES is fair game!)

I was looking at the Rollover Rewards, and I’m seeing a kind of a long dark teatime of the soul between $8K and $12K, as far as reward levels go. Now, this made perfect sense while I was figuring out the Rollover Reward points, which I set at Goal ($4K), Half Again ($6K), Doubled ($8K) and Tripled ($12K). But it does look awfully gappy and large there between $8 and $12K, so I suspect I’ll end up offering a $10K Rollover of Another Story.

At that point, the $10 buy-in starts to be a real steal, with four short stories and one novella. Actually, possibly I need to bump that up, in fact: the $10K Rollover Story would perhaps be for everybody buying in at $25 or more. Hm.

On that note, in retrospect, I feel I’ve managed some of the scaling badly for the campaign. I think I should’ve set the calendar level at $50, skipped the $75, and set all the $75 rewards as part of the $100 reward. But heck, this is partly about figuring it out, right? :)

*anybody can ask, but you’ll have to be a KS patron to get the answer :)

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