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Kickstarter says that 70% of projects that are 30% funded in the first 48 hours will succeed.

“No Dominion” currently stands at just shy of 150% funded after 48 hours. Presumably if we extrapolate from this, there’s a fair chance of reaching the astounding $12K mark which would get a limited edition trade paperback for the Kickstarter backers. That would be very cool, and I’m very interested to see how it goes. :)

At the moment, backers have commissioned the following:

- “No Dominion”, a novella about Gary Muldoon, due April 15

- a “thank you for supporting this Kickstarter campaign, here’s something to tide you over til April 15″ Gary short story, due November 15

- a totally unplanned bonus short story for funding the campaign in the first 24 hours, due, um, between November 15 and April 15 O.O

The campaign is less than $200 away from earning a second Gary story for all backers subscribing at $10 or more.

Nevermind in terms of dollar amount, which is obviously already a runaway success: this is also the most successful crowdfund I’ve run in terms of number of backers. 192 people have supported this campaign in the first 48 hours, which is 5 more than bought into the “Year of Miracles” crowdfund event–which ran for six weeks, and it’s something like 50 more than the Old Races Short Story Project, which has been running since January of this year. It seems there’s something to the Kickstarter aspect of getting the word out. (Either that or the Walker Papers are really much, much more popular than the Old Races…)

Anyway, thank you. This is really cool, and I’m really excited about it, and I promise I’ll stop going on about it quite so much now. At least for a little while. :)

eta: HOLY CRAP $6K AND THEN SOME *falls over*

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