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Kickstarter party commencing now!

NO DOMINION All right, she said in a burst of nervous excitement, I’m throwing a Kickstarter party starting now. Let’s see if anybody comes. O.O

NO DOMINION is up for funding!

Recently widowed after nearly fifty years of marriage, Gary Muldoon had given up on adventure. Then shaman Joanne Walker climbed into the back seat of his cab, and since then, Gary has trifled with gods, met mystics, slain zombies and ridden with the Wild Hunt.

But now he must leave Joanne’s side to face a battle only he can win. Because as their long battle against a dark magic-user races toward its climax, it becomes clear that it was not illness that took Annie’s life, but their enemy’s long and deadly touch.

Though lovers be lost, love shall not…

Read the beginning of URBAN SHAMAN from Gary’s point of view for a taste of the novella’s voice! And, um. Wow. Let’s see if we can make this thing go. :)

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