kit (mizkit) wrote,

DCnU & thinks to do

DC’s running a survey about the New 52. They actually give you a lot of room to express opinions, so this is a good place to go comment.

*gnaws knuckles* I didn’t start setting up my Amazon business account (their paypal-like thing) until yesterday, and my bank is not one that does automatic verification on it. Now I am gnawing my knuckles to see if the verification process gets finished by, um, close of business tomorrow, heh, so I can launch the Kickstarter project on Saturday as planned. *flails*

Got the jade dress from PUG today. It’s an *amazing* color. It’s also very snug through the ribs. *stops eating & searches for the sturdy underwear*

- plane tickets to alaska
- call UPC grrr
- make a Kickstarter video (*squinchy face*)
- redesign the P-Con website
- strangle the P-Con redesign into the shape I actually want it to be in
- jumbletown the old TV

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