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GRRM reports there’s rumor of a Beauty and the Beast reboot. I will of course watch it if it happens, but back after I’d lost all hope of the TV show returning or seeing a big screen BatB, I knew how I would continue the story. Not with a reboot, but with Catherine and Vincent’s son Jacob (just because he was born apparently normal doesn’t mean he couldn’t get beastly at puberty or something), and with the daughters of Elliot Burch and Joe Maxwell discovering the world their fathers could never really have access to (I’ve never seen any reason why getting blown up in the last episodes should keep Burch from having a daughter a few months later), either one of whom could be Beauty. Not like Betty and Veronica, but two women you’d really like, rather than one you love to hate, so that the entire show is an agonizing pull between which girl Jacob ends up with. And apparently they want to make it a police procedural, well, so, Joanne Maxwell can be a cop instead of a lawyer, and Ellen Burch a socialite do-gooder sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong.

Vincent and Father could maybe make cameos, and given that BatB did the best ghost story in the history of ever, I have *no doubt* they could write Catherine in a few times, and…

Yeah. That would be the way I’d go. Because nobody’s going to match Ron Perlman, and Linda Hamilton and Roy Dotrice defined those characters.

- plane tickets to alaska
- order the remaining costumes for NYCC (this shirt, this dress, and these jeans, which had better last for goddamned ever at that price
- empty compost
- call UPC grrr
- make a Kickstarter video (*squinchy face*)
- redesign the P-Con website
- clean the back room
- jumbletown the old TV

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