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Hm. Mild spoilers for the first month of the new DC universe ensue, so I’ll put this behind the cut.

So this afternoon Ted handed me his tablet PC to catch up on the DCnU, and being an obliging sort of wife, that’s what I did (she said, as if she hadn’t been intending to read them anyway :)). The premise behind the new universe is that way back at the beginning of time, the DCU got split in 3. With the summer crossover stuff, Flashpoint, it got reamalgamated, so now what we have is a DCU with sometimes very different and sometimes not so different histories for the characters.

I gotta agree with the Comics Alliance rundown on the problems with Catwoman–I didn’t object to the sex scene at the end (except the uncomfortable-looking position) nearly as much as I was bothered by the no-face all-tits pages at the beginning. The story wasn’t bad, though.

I’m concerned that Birds of Prey needs an Oracle. I know *exactly* what I would do to bring a brains character into that mix, but I don’t know if it’s what DC will do, and I’m not sure I think BoP can survive without a behind-the-scenes leader.

Wonder Woman hit my ick. I didn’t care for the art, but more I didn’t care for what it depicted: Ardian could have been drawing it and I still wouldn’t have liked the imagery. So I dunno if the story is going to be enough to keep me reading. Not at first blush, anyway.

Supergirl dismayed me, as (well, first I’m not that crazy about the costume, but more concerningly, I really felt it was 6 pages of story stuffed into 22 pages of comic. Possibly it’ll pull together, though.

Demon Knights didn’t do it for me even though I love Paul Cornell, but that’s because medievalish superheroes have just never been my thing. I wouldn’t have bothered reading it had I realized that was more or less what it was.

Nightwing seemed dark, but I haven’t been keeping up on his story in the former DCU, so I don’t know if he got darker there or here. JLA was fine, if a bit nothing-y like Supergirl. It’ll probably come together. Supes’ new costume is fine.

Ardian’s artwork on Batgirl was gorgeous, and Gail Simone did a good job dealing with making her Batgirl again. And I think I liked the Batwoman artwork best of everything I read, except what is she, a redheaded albino? As Ted said, she’s gonna have a hard time keeping a secret identity if her skin is bleached out even when she’s running around as Kate Kane. Her apparently evil freaky twin sister was bleached, too, though, so perhaps it’s some kind of terrible genetic scar…o.O

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