kit (mizkit) wrote,

thinks yet again

- plane tickets to alaska
- order the remaining costumes for NYCC
- empty compost
- wash diaper wraps
- oh yes, try to do somethingstart to accept I’m not going to do anything about cover art for the ORSSP
- address newsletter winner envelopes & put the books in ‘em
- send the books
- call UPC grrr
- make a Kickstarter video (*squinchy face*)
- redesign the P-Con website
- clean the back room
- jumbletown the old TV

*flails* PUG does not yet have this dress in, and it’s the one I’d really *like* for NYCC. But I’m trying to choose a back-up dress just in case, and cannot decide between this military-esque-style dress (which is utterly fabulous but not really great colors for me) or this knockout number (which I’ve actually tried on and is amazing but I already have a black and red dress). Or there’s this, which is stylistically different from the other two I’ve got so perhaps it would be a good choice, or–*flails*! and then there’s the question of what jeans to get, these preposterously awesome wide-legged ones, or the snug-fitting other end of the spectrum… (and no, getting all of the above is not an option, not unless *you’re* footing the bill. :))

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