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So very, VERY smug!

Several weeks ago, in comments on arcaedia's journal, logrusboy admired the cover for FIREBIRD DECEPTION, saying he "could almost make myself buy a romance for that Dermody cover..."

This was followed by me saying they were spy novels, and him saying:

Hrm... Maybe if I moved the price sticker to cover the publisher's logo...or arranged to get an autographed copy inscribed something like this:

"Dearest logrusboy,

It's not a romance, it's a [favorite epithet here] spy thriller! Get over your insecurities about your manhood and read my [another favorite epithet here] book already, you [yet another favorite epithet here]!

Love and kisses,


For the last several weeks, we've been going around on how he might be so lucky as to get a copy thus enscribed. Now, when I say, "going around," what I mean is, he's been pleading and I've been putting him off, because I went behind his back and, via arcaedia and tryslora, got his address and sent him a copy of the book, inscribed *exactly* as he requested. He did not, as he hoped, get to find out what my favorite swear words were, but that's what you get for being specific. :)

He got the book yesterday.

*howls and dances around gleefully*  I am SO.  VERY!  SMUG!

*HOWLS*  I have email from him:

Dearest Catie,

I was delighted to receive your present.  It was very thoughtful and, although all the clues were crystal clear in retrospect, completely unexpected.  You, arcaedia, and tryslora got me good, and I congratulate and thank you.  One day, I may even forgive the lot of you.

Love and Kisses,


*laughs until she cries with glee*  *beam*
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