kit (mizkit) wrote,

Morrison short story

In other news, the newsletter-only Morrison POV short story (titled “Petite”) about Morrison and Joanne meeting for the first time came together today just about effortlessly. It kinda broke my heart a little bit, but I like it. And now it’s sitting on my hard drive, waiting for me to decide if I should send it out immediately or wait til, like, Christmas. :)

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- a Gary short story (3-5K)
- my bit on “Easy Pickings” (5-7Kish)
- Nanowrimo
- re-revise ANGLES to agently commentary (3-5Kish)
- 3 retold fairy tales (12Kish)
- copyedits for RAVEN CALLS when they arrive (minimal wordcount)
- maaaaaaaaaaybe some more Old Races stories (30Kish)

(look! the list got one item shorter! YAY! and I have a fairly clear idea of what I’m doing with the Gary story now, too, so maybe I can knock that off in the next few days…)

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