kit (mizkit) wrote,

projects redux

‘k, EASY PICKINGS is now definitely back in Faith’s court. It’s a bit over 15K now and I figure we’ve got somewhere between 7500 and 15K to go. :)

The Gary teaser for NO DOMINION is done (I’ll post that Monday, probably). It’s definitely *not* the right thing to use as an instant “Kickstarter campaign is done, have a short story to tide you over!” thank-you-for-your-support thing, so I do still have to write an actual story for that. I know when and where that story should be set, I just have to figure out a lil’ storyline for it…

- a Gary short story (3-5K)
- a Morrison short story (3-5K)
- my bit on “Easy Pickings” (5-7Kish)
- catch up on the Book Race BAHAHAHAHA realistically: NNWM
- re-revise ANGLES to agently commentary (3-5Kish)
- 3 retold fairy tales (12Kish)
- copyedits for RAVEN CALLS when they arrive (minimal wordcount)
- maaaaaaaaaaybe some more Old Races stories (30Kish)

(why does this list keep not getting shorter?)

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