kit (mizkit) wrote,

tentative NYCC schedule

Okay, I’m starting to have an NYCC schedule come together. The Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday morning dates are pretty safe, but because this is a working con for me, I must reiterate that if something work-related comes up, it trumps other, even pre-arranged, commitments. I apologize for this, but *spreads hands*. I should be able to keep in fairly steady contact, thanks to the Shiny New Phone and with-any-luck-Javits-Center-wifi, so if my schedule slips I ought to be able to let people know, but yeah. Work first.

Wednesday, October 12: dinner is booked.

Thursday, October 13: dinner is booked.

Friday, October 14: I have a 1:15-2:15pm panel with my Del Rey editor Betsy Mitchell, authors Naomi Novik and Scott Westerfield (O.O) and others.

I know at least one reader will be at NYCC on Friday-only to say hi. I think my tentative plan is a post-panel kaffeesklatch with her and possibly others (depending, y’know, on whether there are any others there then :)).

Saturday, October 15: breakfast is booked. I have a 5:30-6:30pm signing in the Autograph Alley.

I know other friends will be around at the weekend. I should book a meal with Too/Amber/MUSH-related people on Saturday. Perhaps dinner?

Sunday, October 16: night dinner is tentatively booked, and most people will have headed out by then anyway, so that’s probably fine. I should maybe try to set up a second kaffeesklatch in hopes of catching as many people as possible, but that, of course, may depend on how many people want to get caught. :)

Also, speaking of October in general, there will be no Halloween party as previously forecast, as we are flying home from Alaska on Halloween. Sorry.

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