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I have just finished reading WORLDWIRED, which was every bit as good as I expected it to be. matociquala persists in telling the kind of story I'd never think of but wish I could, in words I'd never use but wish I would, which generally comes around to "she's a better writer than I am" in my mind. (Given that Ebear's first novel(s) were selected for and won a Campbell, there may be some justification for this, actually.) It sort of gives me something to aspire to, and at the same time does not; even if I were writing the exact same stories, they'd come out like I'd told them, not like Bear did, and I'm generally good with that. Anyway, she's a really good writer and I look forward to her next books. :)

I've now got fewer than 10 books left on my TBR list. About 5 of them are books I bought and actually want to read, and the rest of which are default "this looks all right" books Ted's gotten. It is possible I'll read them all this month and be forced to go book shopping. Woe. Woe is me. :) It's every bit as possible I won't finish 'em, but I can dream. :) (I've been trying very hard not to buy a lot of new books, because I've had so many to catch up on and have been reading so little that it's just been overwhelming.)

Jeez. I'm having a lot of tired brain the last few days. I think it's mostly too much sitting on the couch the last month (since that's where I've been both reading and writing), so I think I may go upstairs and start shuffling things around to get Nook set up. That sounds like a pretty good plan. So does drinking some water...


I made it to MOUNT DOOM!


I thought it was 476 miles, but I just checked and it's 470! So I crossed the threshold this weekend, while walking around Portarlington! Wow! That means I've walked 1779 miles in the last 3 years! WOW! Holy cow! Go me! Yay!

Now where should I go? Do I start over from Rauros Falls and go to Isengard with Merry and Pippin (355 miles), or Strider's route to Isengard which is 484 miles? Do I let the eagles carry me to Minis Tirath and walk back from Minis Tirath to Bag End (a total of 1625 miles, the first leg of which is 535), or ... or what! Goodness gracious me! So many choices to make!

miles to (destination anywhere!): 4
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