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On the “you can’t get what you don’t ask for” rule, I emailed kylecassidy/Kyle Cassidy to ask about possibly doing a photo shoot for cover art for the upcoming Kickstarter Walker Papers/Gary novella (which I have now begun referring to as Book 7.5 of the Walker Papers). I said I thought he’d probably have access to a model and a sword, described what I wanted, and ten seconds later he sent a snapshot back and said “Would this gentleman do?”

Guys, let me tell you how awesome the man in the snapshot was: I blushed when I saw it. That’s how perfectly Gary he was. I blushed.

Once I got over blushing, I said Right! and gave him details of the sword I had in mind.

Ten seconds later he emailed back with “Lucky for you, that’s exactly the sword I have in the studio” and sent a shot of it, too. I didn’t blush that time, but I did laugh out loud, because come on, what were the odds? (Very very good, apparently!)

Kyle has just sent me the first go at a cover mockup, and holy carp, it’s gonna be just about as perfect as something not done by Hugh Syme (the Walker Papers cover artist) can be. I’m giggling. I’m giddy. This is going to be such huge fun! *does a little dance*

I’m thinkin’ I’ll launch the KS campaign on Oct 1. Between now and then I have to, er. Come up with incentives and rewards, and apparently make some kind of cool little video to go along with the page (because, you know, I’m a writer. Obviously making short movies is my strong point…), and write the short story that will be the instantaneous reward once the campaign ends (I said, blithely assuming it’ll succeed…o.O). And probably other things, but I should stop thinking about them (and stop squeeing) and go to bed now. :)

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