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CE Murphy 2012 Calendar

(That would have been a more impressive subject line if I had not mis-spelled my own last name while typing it.)

I’m going to try something different this year, and take pre-orders for the calendar up through November 15th. On Nov 15th I’ll place a order, have them shipped to me, sign them, and send them to the buyers by December 1, so they should arrive to you in plenty of time to use as Christmas gifts. These are too expensive for me to buy a bunch of extras to have on hand in case people decide post-Nov 15 that they want one, so pre-ordering is pretty damned critical. And I’m afraid this is not the sort of pre-order where you promise you’ll buy one when it comes out, but rather the sort where you actually buy one now and get it in 3 months’ time. :)

After running all the numbers, and being told more than once that I was an artist and undervalued my work, the calendars will cost $25 USD, which includes worldwide S&H for one calendar. If it turns out you want to buy several as gifts or something, please contact me (cemurphyauthor AT gmail DOT com) to work out postage costs!

Just in case you don’t blithely want to hit that button up above without seeing the calendar first, behind the cut is a Ginormous Image mockup of something very like what photos will be in the calendar. One or two might get switched out, but this’ll be pretty close to the final cut, although the images aren’t in any particular order right now.

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