kit (mizkit) wrote,

updated project list

remaining projects for 2011:
- a Gary short story (3-5K)
- a Morrison short story (3-5K. if you want to read it, join the mailing list)
- a bonus Old Races story for the ORSSP early adopters (5Kish)
- finish “Easy Pickings” with Faith (10Kish)
- catch up on the Book Race BAHAHAHAHA
- re-revise ANGLES to agently commentary (3-5Kish)

I would also *like* to write up to another half dozen Old Races stories (approximately 30K) and do three retold fairy tales (approximately 12K). However, I am trying very, very hard to seize myself by the brain and say:

“Self? Hey, Self? Listen up, Self. At this red-hot shining moment in time, you are entirely caught up on projects people are paying you for. You do not have something due until April 2012. How about you take some of that endless headlong momentum to Do Something New and, say, instead of focusing it 100% on work, take the first half hour of Young Indiana’s nap every day and do a weights or barre workout? Then, once you’re all endorphined up, you can go write for the rest of his nap. How’s that for a crazy idea, Self? Because face it, Self, if you do 1K a day for the remaining 4 months of the year, you will have finished every single project listed above and utterly KICKED ASS, but if you do 1K a day plus a half hour of exercise, you will not only have kicked ass, you’ll have a very fine ass*. So how ’bout it, Self? Can you redirect some of that OMG MUST GET IT DONE ***NOW*** into something other than work?”

Seriously, part of the problem here is that when you get right down to it I *utterly* love my job, and I get tremendously excited about any potential new projects coming along and want to do them all RIGHT NOW. The Kickstarter campaign will use up some of that, but really, I have *got* to get hold of myself and try piling it on a little less thickly. (And the awful thing is that I really am doing *better* about that than pre-Indiana. o.O)

*actually my butt’s kind of flat, but nevermind that

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