kit (mizkit) wrote,

I have decided... slack off and read books.

I do need to do the SBX4 proposal, so I won't be slacking off 100%, and I'd like to get the Chance beatsheets done. But I've mostly decided I'm just going to relax, read, take walks, go into Cork, do all that sort of mellow low-key thing, and not feel badly for not getting more Work Things done. I'm going to work on unpacking the house, too, so I can get Nook set up in time to be able to write HOUSE OF CARDS on it.

There are *so* *many* projects I could work on, obviously, but even as much as I would like to get ANGLES revised, I think I would prefer, right now, to keep working my way through this backlog of books to read. I've used my brain a lot already this year (it's the 16th of April and I have turned in 3 books already) and it's not going to get any less busy over the next 20 months, so I think I should take what little down time I've got and revel in it. This may mean it will be *years* before I get to ANGLES. That would suck. OTOH, so would frying my brain. That would suck more, in fact. :)

So I'm gonna read. If the HoS edits come in, I'll do 'em. Otherwise, I'm kicking back for the rest of this month, man.

And now, skeagsidhe's interview questions

1. If you could write 1 thing, any style, any genre and it would be 100% guaranteed to be published, what would it be?

RIGHT ANGLES TO FAERYLAND. Heh. Which is a traditional young adult fantasy in which the protagonists go to a Faery torn apart by its rivaling monarches, and find themselves on opposite sides of the war. This is, I hate the phrase but it's true, the book of my heart. I love this book beyond reason. I've been trying to write this book since I was twelve years old. The draft I have of it is much, much better than I ever thought I'd be able to achieve, and it's still not good enough to be published.

Other than that, y'know, it'd be good to write Shakespeare.

2. You recently moved from the US to Ireland. What has surprised you about the difference between the two countries?

It's a lot warmer here...

3. We all know that you are generally a supremely confident person. Are there any areas of life where this confidence breaks down?

Honestly, no. There are certainly things I'm not interested in doing, but I have absolutely no doubt that if I decided I wanted to do them I'd be successful at them. Frankly, it's a wonder anybody can stand me.

4. You get to be grand dictator of 1 aspect (and only 1) of the world for a year. What aspect of the world would you choose? What would you change?

Ooh, good question. I'd choose education, and somehow enforce upon the entire world the importance of such. I believe that education is the answer to all ills. I don't think a year's long enough, though. Not unless I get to choose my successor!

5. If you could travel to absolutely anywhere, where would you go, what would you do there, and why?

The moon. Just because, I mean, it's the moon! I'd stand there and be awed at the earthrise, and I would BOINGEE BOINGEE BOINGEE around and I'd be thrilled beyond words.

If we're talking on-planet, I'd go to Mecca. Which isn't allowed, you know, unless you're Muslim. Which I'm not. So that'd be where I'd go, because you're not allowed to go there. I'd also like to go to Jerusalem, and the Pyramids, and Ayers Rock (is that its name? The big red rock in Australia?), and to high holy places in general.

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