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…or maybe I should just leave retelling fairy tales to Ursula, and go fling myself in a pit instead.

(When I had read only the first half of the entry, I had been going to make an appendix to *this* entry saying “It’s utterly beside the point that I want to tell grown-up versions of fairy tales, dark and creepy if I can manage it, and Ursula is going for delightful and charming and for children, and it is also utterly beside the point that I can write charming childrens’ stories with the best of them” but then I finished reading the entry and no, no, Ursula is doing her usual thing of making something delightful and charming ALSO dark and creepy and fuck, I just can’t do that, so I’ll be over here in this pit, thank you.)

(On the sort of positive side, reading Ursula’s story made it occur to me that the way to deal with stories themed in such a way as they could go under more than one title, such as Snow White would belong in both SNOW and GLASS, or Snow White & Rose Red could belong in both SNOW and BEAST, was to in fact write two entirely different four-collection sets, one for adults and one for children. SNOW, BIRD, WICKED, SONG for children. Or something. I don’t know. Sort of positive, because this, in case you were wondering, is how I end up with fifteen zillion projects going on at once. :p)

(i’ll be in the pit. with a pony.)

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