kit (mizkit) wrote,

too. many. projects.

Somehow my year-to-end project list looks something like this:

- Book Race through ~50K on Walker Papers #8
- write 3 more Old Races short stories
- write 1 Walker Papers short story (if you want to read it, join the mailing list)
- go to New York Comic Con
- Nanowrimo a book for little boys
- finish “Easy Pickings” with Faith
- re-revise ANGLES to agently commentary

which is, oh, let’s call it 150K in the next 4 months. Which would be totally within the bounds of reason if 1. we weren’t going to Alaska for the second half of October, and 2. I wasn’t a mommy. :)

What’s worse, I would *also* like to write up to another half dozen Old Races stories and do three retold fairy tales. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me? And I don’t even want to *think* about 2012.

(to make myself feel better about the possibility of getting this stuff done, a reminder to me of what I’ve done so far this year:
- written & revised RAVEN CALLS
- written synopses for Angles & its sequels
- written 5 Old Races short stories
- written a book proposal
- written a retold fairy tale short story
- written 6 Gryphon Beach stories
- developed the ElectriCity synopsis
- written the first chapter of the ElectriCity script
- worked on “Easy Pickings”

…jesus christ. i should be taking the rest of the year off.)

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