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19 August 2011 @ 06:49 pm
Book Race  

I have not been doing spectacularly well with the Book Race. I started out with one thing, it being my Plan, but then faced the reality that I would get paid if I did the other thing, which is the proposal for the 8th (8th, my god) Walker Papers, so I started on that, and immediately screwed up. Like by page fifteen. I never do that. So I spent about four days ignoring it in the hopes it would magically fix itself, which it didn’t. On Day Three I told Ted I’d screwed up and because he is Mr Plotmeister, he told me how to fix it, and on Day Five I went back to it and he was right and I fixed it, which meant cutting a third of what I’d written so far. Not permanently, it can go back in, but not yet, so as far as the moment is and was concerned, that was a 1500+ word loss to the story. Sigh.

Anyway, but I got to go forth and write yesterday, and then again today, and now the proposal is done and well, shit, I’m getting paid for this book so I guess I might as well keep using it for the Book Race even if getting it done sooner doesn’t mean you get to read it sooner (or indeed that I get paid sooner), but, well, shit, you know? So the Book Currently Known as Walker Papers #8 looks like this so far:

and EVERYBODY is ahead of me in the Book Race and I am lowly and sad.

However, I’ve now finished two of the three projects I had to finish in order to read THE BIG BOOST, so…

…so now I can’t read it because I’m writing a book. *sigh*

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desperancedesperance on August 19th, 2011 11:06 pm (UTC)
Yeah, but we all know how this works. You linger on the start line and let us get ahead and provoke the crowd and yadda yadda, then you slam in the rocket-booster and take us out one by one. You don't fool us one iota.