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Book Race

I have not been doing spectacularly well with the Book Race. I started out with one thing, it being my Plan, but then faced the reality that I would get paid if I did the other thing, which is the proposal for the 8th (8th, my god) Walker Papers, so I started on that, and immediately screwed up. Like by page fifteen. I never do that. So I spent about four days ignoring it in the hopes it would magically fix itself, which it didn’t. On Day Three I told Ted I’d screwed up and because he is Mr Plotmeister, he told me how to fix it, and on Day Five I went back to it and he was right and I fixed it, which meant cutting a third of what I’d written so far. Not permanently, it can go back in, but not yet, so as far as the moment is and was concerned, that was a 1500+ word loss to the story. Sigh.

Anyway, but I got to go forth and write yesterday, and then again today, and now the proposal is done and well, shit, I’m getting paid for this book so I guess I might as well keep using it for the Book Race even if getting it done sooner doesn’t mean you get to read it sooner (or indeed that I get paid sooner), but, well, shit, you know? So the Book Currently Known as Walker Papers #8 looks like this so far:

and EVERYBODY is ahead of me in the Book Race and I am lowly and sad.

However, I’ve now finished two of the three projects I had to finish in order to read THE BIG BOOST, so…

…so now I can’t read it because I’m writing a book. *sigh*

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