kit (mizkit) wrote,

oh dear. :)

I have the shmexy black pinup girl dress. I just got this from J Peterman (and it’s SO CUTE). Now Pinup Girl Clothing has this dress in stock.

So the question is: do I get it, and totally rock the pinup look at NYCC, or, er, not?

oh crap! They’ve got the swallow-embroidery dress AND the sailor swing dress in my size right now too! O NOES WHAT WILL I DOOOOOOOOOOOO!

(eta: oh. hell. i misread, the swallows dress is sold out. perhaps I should buy the retro rockabilly diner dress in a medium, which would fit if I lost 15 pounds, and hang it on the fridge. :) (But no: “We work with what we have,” a friend of mine was once told by a saleswoman as she held up a dress against herself and thought “If I lost ten pounds…”)

Hrm. The J Peterman dress is pink, so probably I do not need two dresses in pink, so as much as I adore the Paris dress *probably* if I was going to rock NYCC with the pinup look I should not do pink twice. (This does not stop me from staring covetously at this one, which is black (or grey, anyway) and red like the one I’ve already got. Except totally different from that one…) Actually, I’m thinking one day I should do vintage jeans & a sailor shirt… *flails, but flails happily*)

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