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05 August 2011 @ 01:28 pm
impossible things  

It’s almost impossible that “Womanthology”, the all-women comics anthology Kickstarter project, can reach $100K in the next 61 hours, but if you want to help make it happen…

Seriously, this is a project I wish to hell I’d known about before it launched. It means a lot to me to see women working in the comics field–my letterer on Chance was a woman, and I hope very dearly that if we make ElectriCity go that we’ll get a woman colorist*, because it’s important to me to work with other women on my comics projects. If they do a second Womanthology I hope to participate, and either way they rock my socks for accomplishing what they already have.

I wish I could offer, like, half a dozen copies of Chance as incentive for people to support Womanthology, but I just don’t have them, not even in individual format, nevermind a graphic novel**. So I guess you’ll have to just check the anthology out and decide if you want to support it even without hope of a bribe. :)

*This is assuming we get the person we’re after for the pencils/inks. If that person, who is a guy, cannot do it, frankly I’ll favor any female artists who come to me with the right style. Ultimately the style is most important, but *man* would I like to get another girl on the team.

**I can’t even remember anymore if I’ve discussed the Dabel Debacle much, at least in public. I suppose I should at some point at least clarify what went wrong…

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roseaponiroseaponi on August 5th, 2011 03:19 pm (UTC)
Very cool! I love the _idea_ of comic books, I love the format and style and the themes, but in reality the way most of them seem to be carried out leaves me cold. (Muscles! Boobs! Explosions! Totally implausible plot lines and timelines! Screwed up genealogy! Yikes, people.) It's now impossible to start at the beginning and read through a series, as well as being impossible to pick up in the middle, because of all the reboots, alternate universes, spinoffs, resurrections, and other soap opera tricks. Yay for Chance and her independence from the shackles of the big series' oddball storylines!

(I only have the first in the series, btw, let me know if there's a way to order to rest)

I think there need to be more women in charge - just to keep the testosterone-fest from getting ridiculous. Maybe that'll expand the readership too ;) This project gives me hope.

I'm also glad to see that one of the goals is to teach more girls how to get into comic production - it's possible to be successful in anything if you're self- taught, but success comes faster with education :)

I have a storyline I'd like to develop as a comic, but I don't see how I'd be able to without learning how to do _everything_ first - I figure I'll have to learn to draw the panels, color them, and also do formatting and lettering. Eventually I'll have a complete comic to send to Dark Horse or someplace similar... Shouldn't take longer than 5 years. ;)