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It’s almost impossible that “Womanthology”, the all-women comics anthology Kickstarter project, can reach $100K in the next 61 hours, but if you want to help make it happen…

Seriously, this is a project I wish to hell I’d known about before it launched. It means a lot to me to see women working in the comics field–my letterer on Chance was a woman, and I hope very dearly that if we make ElectriCity go that we’ll get a woman colorist*, because it’s important to me to work with other women on my comics projects. If they do a second Womanthology I hope to participate, and either way they rock my socks for accomplishing what they already have.

I wish I could offer, like, half a dozen copies of Chance as incentive for people to support Womanthology, but I just don’t have them, not even in individual format, nevermind a graphic novel**. So I guess you’ll have to just check the anthology out and decide if you want to support it even without hope of a bribe. :)

*This is assuming we get the person we’re after for the pencils/inks. If that person, who is a guy, cannot do it, frankly I’ll favor any female artists who come to me with the right style. Ultimately the style is most important, but *man* would I like to get another girl on the team.

**I can’t even remember anymore if I’ve discussed the Dabel Debacle much, at least in public. I suppose I should at some point at least clarify what went wrong…

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