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You know I have a mailing list, right? It’s announcements-only and comes out usually with the wild frequency of once a month. Sometimes less. I think twice in a month once, several years ago. Anyway, it summarizes what, if anything, is going on–crowdfunding projects, convention attendance, books released, etc–in a tidy encapsulated email.

I have 700 readers on LJ (and no idea how many hit or I have 1200 followers on Twitter and a thousand on Facebook (and a couple hundred on G+). I’m sure there’s plenty of crossover amongst those followers, but the point is, there are 300 people on the mailing list.

Clearly something is wrong here. So I am running a drive to get people onto the mailing list. It really is the best, most coherent place to find out what’s up if you’re at all interested in my career. And in order to encourage people, I’m going to send books to one in every ten (chosen at random) people who sign up for the list by the end of July.

In the unlikely event I should reach the heady number of a thousand list subscribers, I will do something nifty like write an Old Races story just for list subscribers.

(yes, yes, you whiny butts who are among the first 300, I will probably do some kind of thing JUST FOR YOU too.)

You can sign up for the mailing list here. :)

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