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There’s a “World of Princesses” at the Ambassador Theatre here in Dublin. I realize it’s probably ridiculous, but every time I see it I get pissed off. “For every girl who’s ever wanted to be a princess,” it says, and yes, okay, fair enough, I too wanted to be a princess at times. But it still just annoys the crap out of me, because every time I see it I think “I’m betting it doesn’t address–for example–Diana’s anorexia, Masako’s depression, male-only primogeniture, “Waity Katie”, as Kate Middleton was nicknamed as they waited to get married so nobody could accuse them of making Charles & Diana’s mistakes, or the scrutiny that even in liberal Norway was put upon the commoner who their crown prince had the audacity to fall in love with, because she was a single mother and the kid’s father had been convicted of some kind of drug-related offense–”

And those are just the princesses I know something about in the real current world, nevermind historically getting married off at birth or before to old men in order to secure a treaty, and–*strangled noises*

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