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interview meme :)

Questions from pgwfolc:

1. You and five people from your flist each get one super power. Who gets what?
Oooh. Um, well, like yourself, I kinda want the telepath/telekinetic double whammy that Jean Grey’s got, because, as you said yourself, it includes flight. I would, mind you, be much, much more of a hardass than Jean if I had her powers, but that’s neither here nor there. Let’s see.

Ted, whom people automatically think of as a tank, actually really likes support roles where he can deal some damage and help others. I think he’d be our team’s secondary-mutant-power-development Angel-type character: maybe a low-level blaster with the healing (well, blood, but let’s go with) touch. Aberdeen, who is already a superhero, would…possibly get teleportation, because she would love that. Also, between the two of them they would keep me from going totally medieval on people. (In discussing whether we’d be heroes or villains if we had powers, it was obvious to all three of us that Ted and Aberdeen would be heroes. And after a rather longish pause, Aberdeen said, “…Catie wouldn’t be a villain…”

“No,” Ted said dryly, “but she would do what she thought was right.” (Hi, I’m Magneto.)

Let’s see. Those two were easy. Oh, dude, Amberley would totally be the fast-talking gadget guy of the group, because he’s freaking insidious. He would *brain* you to death. He’s the Beast equivilant here. Hm. Ok, now we’ve got brains, blasting, teleportation, flight. Need a real tank in there. I’m going with Ceosanna, because she’s already got the homina homina build for it: superstrength and some level of invulnerability. And I think Gows for just getting in there and dealing the damage. She can be Wolverineish.

2. If you had a time machine capable of one round trip, when would you go?
The Library at Alexandria before it burned. If I couldn’t bring it all back with me, I would take a damned scanner and however long it took to preserve all the wonderful things that were lost.

3. How did you get started as a professional author?
The very short version is “I went to the Colorado Gold Conference and it lit a fire under my ass.” The longer version starts before I can consciously remember, and involves an entire lifetime’s work. :)

4. If you (as you are) were an RPG character, what would it say on your character sheet?
Um. Assuming 10 is baseline and 20 is truly magnificent, which I have no idea if it’s supposed to be (surely all RPG adventurers are not above average in their worlds just by existing, are they?), and using typical stats, something like:

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 18
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 14

If I was writing up stats just for me, I would no doubt also include:
Enthusiasm: 19
Ambition: 27
Stubbornness: 21
Dignity: 4
Confidence: 32

5. If you could send a letter to your 7-year-old self, what would it say?
“Save your PFDs and buy property in Ireland in the early 90s.” No, seriously, I really don’t know. “Listen to Mr. Dye,” except I already did. “Don’t fuck around in college,” except if I hadn’t I’d have probably ended up somewhere else in my life at this point, and I kind of like where I am, so, y’know? “Don’t do whatever it is you did to screw up your shoulder in college. Careful kicking that soccer ball in 8th grade or you’ll blow your knee out.” Y’know? :)

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