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movies & bookstore accident

A friend of ours won a free screening of any film she chose, and chose “The Princess Bride”, so yesterday we and about a dozen other people were treated to a big-screen showing. I haven’t seen The Princess Bride on the big screen since it came out, and I must say, aside from the audience-wide chuckle at Fred Savage’s cutting edge 1987 Atari baseball game, it has aged flawlessly. Every time I see that movie I hope everyone involved knew just what a wonderful, wonderful film they were making. It’s just perfect. Go watch it again, all of you. It’ll make you happy. :)

Also, Carey Elwes was so pretty. Good lord. So pretty!

Then we went straight from that to Harry Potter 7.2, which was also pretty good. I am still pissed off that the two moments in the books I most wanted to see in the goddamned movies didn’t make it in. I can’t even remember the first one–it was from one of the earlier books, and all I remember now is that I was deeply annoyed that it didn’t get in–but the second one was from HP7.1 and I cannot fricking believe it wasn’t there. I even held out some small stupid hope they would address it in 7.2, but they didn’t, and GHALGHGLHGL.

However, aside from that–this one was for the fans, is what I’d read, and if you weren’t a fan don’t bother dissing it because there’s no point in pissing in other people’s cheerios. And I agree. It was for the fans and they did a pretty good job. I thought Mrs Weasley’s big moment was sadly underdone, and I still think it would have been better as a 3 hour movie with the first 20-30 minutes being an extremely condensed version of 7.1, which was mindbogglingly dull. But overall: good job, guys, good show, well done, thank you for TEN YEARS OF YOUR LIFE (most particularly thank you to the three leads, but to everybody, because *damn*, what an undertaking!).

And I got to swing by Chapters and have a little bookstore accident. I came away with half a dozen Napoleonic era books (including one social history, 1789-1835, which is exactly the era I need, a book about courtesans of that era, another social history about the months leading up to Waterloo (possibly called DANCING TO WATERLOO, I forget), a Napoleonic spy network book, a couple war histories) and, um, Kim Stanley Robinson’s GALILEO’S DREAMS, which I don’t know when I’ll have time to read but by George at least now I own it. :) Hell, I don’t know when I’m going to read the histories, either, but they all look really interesting. :)

And now I’m going to go make some chocolate death cookies for Ted’s work. :)

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